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Silius Italicus: Punica 1

An Annotated Translation

The English-reading world has not seen a literary translation of the Punica of Silius Italicus published since 1661. The longest extant poem from ancient Rome and the only complete historical epic to survive antiquity, it is also easily the least read Roman epic—according to many, with good reason. But is it really as bad as people say?

(No.) Find out for yourself with this new annotated verse rendering of Book 1—for the first time in line-for-line translation!

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Ovid's Metamorphoses

A New Translation

Centuries of conservative translators have robbed the Metamorphoses of its subversive force. In this boldly lyrical translation, C. Luke Soucy revives the magnum opus of Rome’s cleverest and most creative poet, faithfully matching the epic’s wit and style while confronting the sexuality, violence, and politics so many previous translations have glossed over. Innovative and timely, this powerful version breathes new life into Ovid's mythic world, where canonical power dynamics are challenged from below to drain heroes of their heroism, give victims their say, and reveal an earth holier than heaven.

A fresh translation reviving the politics and power at play in classical mythology’s
foremost source
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The Gnomes of Rome:

the Carmina Priapea

Martial not quite racy enough for you? Look forward to C. Luke Soucy's new interpretations and translations of the Carmina Priapea in Arion's fall issue. A whimsical guide to twenty fresh renderings of Latin literature's bawdiest unknown gems. You'll never look at garden gnomes the same way again!

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